A new Beginning: INTER FAITH COUNCIL OF LEADERS-QUIAPO | September 29, 2015

Quiapo is one of the districts in Manila
where there are Christians and Muslims living
together in the area. For this reason theQuiapo
Church has organized the Ministry for Interreligious
Dialogue four years ago on September
20, 2011 in collaboration with the Silsilah
Dialogue Movement to build better relations
among Christians and Muslims. The Past four years
have been the time to consolidate the presence of the Ministry for Inter-religious
Dialogue in Quiapo and to link with many other groups in Manila, especially the
Uni-Harmony Partners which in the last three years, with the help of Silsilah has
been organized in Manila to promote the World Interfaith Harmony Week every
February. This is an initiative promoted be the United Nations Internationaly.
On September 20, 2015 after four years in existence the Ministry for Interreligious
Dialogue with its new set of team led byMr. Alfrein Quirionez as the
Christian coordinator, Haji Ali Alawi as the Muslim coordinator and Ms. Rezamie
Santander as theHarmony Chain Initiative coordinator in Manila has organized
and held the first meeting of the Inter Faith Council of Leaders (IFCL) – Quiapo
at the Manuel Luis Quezon University.
Msgr. Hernando Coronel, the new rector and parish priest of the Quiapo
Church encouraged the Ministry for Inter-religious Dialogue to start the IFCL and
he was present during the inauguration with other Muslims and Christian leaders,
among them alsoHaji Mohammad Ersad Malli, the administrator of the GoldenMosque of Manila, Atty. Puramaryver
Saquing one of the active lawyers in the
archdiocese of Manila, Mrs. Ofelia Cantor
the secretary of the Ecumenical Bishops Forum,
Ms. Alma Sabulao from De La Salle University
andMs. Minerva Feria from the Manuel Luis
Quezon University.
The IFCL-Quiapo agreed to give more emphasis on the following
programs: (1) Interfaith Activities which will strengthen the relationships among
Christians and Muslims living together in the area. (2)Disaster Preparedness
and Response that will equip the people in the area from any disaster and form
of calamity which the place finds itself very vulnerable. (3) The promotion the
One Good Vote. A program of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible
Voting in order to educate more people in choosing leaders for the upcoming
2016 National Elections regardless of any religion.

This is the most challenging time to consolidate the mission of dialogue and peace in Quiapo promoted by the Ministry for Interre l i g i o u s Dialogue.
The Inter Faith Council of Leaders (IFCL) in Quiapo is formed
by a group of respected Christian andMuslim leaders to make Quiapo a
model of harmonious relation among Christians and Muslims in Manila. This
initiative is inspired by the spirit of MERCY to reaffirm the spirit of the Nazarene
for the Christian and the message of “Mercy and Compassion” of God for
Islam. This beginning also coincides with the jubilee year of MERCY promoted
by Pope Francis.

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