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SPIRITUALITY AND PEACE WORK – ISA April 11, 2018-03-11 Thank you  for inviting me to this  gathering to present PEACE WORK IN THE TRADITION AND CONTEXT OF ISLAMIC COMMUNITIES. Reflecting on this theme  I  decided to   develop this theme  focusing on PEACE WORK IN ISLAM  BEFORE AND NOW: SIGNS OF  FEAR  AND HOPE  IN THE PHILIPPINES INTRODUCTION During a recent visit to Marawi with a group of friends   I realized, once again, that the future peace in Mindanao will be a long journey. I am convinced of this and with patience I have moved   along the years from, 1977 up to now, with many Muslim and Christian friends before in my first mission...
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Good stories after the Marawi Siege: Children for Peace and the Power of the Harmony Prayer

Around the world, the news of the Marawi Siege that started on May 23rd 2017 has created many alarming questions of the violent extremism that ISIS and Maute Groups justified in the name of a certain understanding of Islam. In many parts of the Philippines and in the world, Muslim religious leaders and all leaders of goodwill promote the message of peace reminding all to have an attitude of moderation. We have already presented in this Oasis News some good stories of leaders, including Muslim religious leaders, that have condemned all forms of terrorism, but the reality is that we are still victims of violence and that we are called...
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Silsilah’s special Program on Muslim-Christian Dialogue

The Silsilah Dialogue Movement starts this new program to answer the increasing requests and need of information and formation, especially leaders, including religious Muslim and Christian leaders, on the impact of multi-cultural and multi-religious society with many contradictions of a materialistic society without God and of “violent extremism” justified by a wrong perception of God. The alarming situation of today raises a lot of problems and questions that this new program tries to address with the help of expert resource persons, open forum sessions, immersion, prayer and research. We will reflect on the past and recent history, on the Muslim and Christian teachings and the need to reaffirm, in the...
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Fear in the Land of Jesus: a Reflection for the Christians and the Muslims on Christmas Time

Today there is the temptation to reduce Christmas to an external celebration that is not the real message of Christmas. There is also the temptation to ignore the faith differences between Christianity and Islam about Jesus. Both cases have to be properly considered. Indeed we are different in faith in this specific celebration. For the Christians, Jesus is the Emmanuel (God among us) who shares the love of the invisible God as God’s presence among us and for the Muslim Jesus is a Prophet with a great message, although there are different interpretations among Muslim sectors. What is more common today is the Christmas celebration of the Christians. This is...
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Silsilah Advent and Christmas Message 2017

Following the annual tradition of Silsilah to send a message to Christians on the occasion of Advent and Christmas time and to the Muslims on the month of Ramadhan, Silsilah focuses this message now to the Christians in this special time and to the Muslims who journey together with the Christians, especially in Mindanao. This is the time when the Christians recall the coming of Jesus, the Emmanuel (God among us) born of the Virgin Mary around 2017 years ago. That was the first coming of Jesus that also reminds us of the second coming of Jesus at the end of the times when He will come in his glory...
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