On January 2, 2011, the Feast of the Epiphany, family and friends of Jackelyn L. Timoteo came to the Holy Family

Church to witness as she made her vow of commitment to a Life of Promise as a member of Emmaus Dialogue Community (EDC). The same occasion also marked the Renewal of Lifetime Commitment as members of EDC by Aminda E. Saño, Carmen G. Grajo, Hermelina R. Buscas and Annielor D. Salvador. Fr. Sebastiano D’ Ambra, PIME, Founder of Emmaus Dialogue Community and the Silsilah Dialogue Movement, presided at the ceremony and the celebration of the Eucharist with Fr. Guilio Mariani, PIME, Director of Euntes Asian Center, as concelebrant.

The EDC is a community of Christian lay consecrated women for the service and mission of dialogue and peace in the Silsilah Dialogue Movement, in the Church and in the world. On February 8, 1987, a group of Christian lay women expressed their desire to make more permanent their experience of Life-in-Dialogue as a community. The EDC was born and they decided to build a house situated in Sta. Catalina, in the heart of a poor community surrounded by Muslim and Christian neighbors. After sometime, its approval as a “Lay Association” as governed by Canons 321 and 326 of the Revised Code of canon Law, and recognition as such was given by the former Archbishop of Zamboanga, Most Rev. Carmelo D.F. Morelos, DD.

The experience of this community is a Christian answer to the Vision and Mission of the Silsilah Dialogue Movement to promote deeper understanding and better relations among Muslims, Christians and peoples of different faiths that they may live in respect, trust and love for one another.

The “consecration” of the Emmaus Community members is based on the choice to remain single, be chaste as a lay person, and become a witnessing presence of a call to holiness as it is affirmed by Vatican Council II  which opened the door to a deeper understanding of “holiness” in the Church which is rooted in the Sacrament of Baptism.

To live fully the “consecration” as a lay person, the Emmaus Community members voluntarily pronounce the “Vows of Commitment” when ready to embrace this deeper commitment. Normally, the canonical vows are poverty, chastity and  obedience. Following the beatitudes the members of Emmaus Community, who live the spirituality of Life-in-Dialogue promoted by Silsilah, vow to commit themselves to poverty, dialogue, obedience, zeal, compassion, chastity and peace.

The EDC also welcomes married Catholics and single men and women who wish to live the spirituality of Life-in-Dialogue but continue to live with their families instead of the EDC community. They are associated with the Emmaus Community as members of the Emmaus Circle.

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