In the year 2000 when President Estrada declared “Total war in Mindanao”  the Silsilah Dialogue Movement  ”declared” another way  to achieve peace and  in our little  way we proposed,  among the other activities of formation for Dialogue and Peace, the  ”Harmony Chain Initiative”   which is  an inter faith invitation for dialogue and  peace. A powerful way of peace. Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and others are invited to be part of this “Chain of Prayer”. The initiative is in line with the spirit of Silsilah to promote dialogue and peace starting from a spiritual approach of life-in-dialogue as a foundation for any sustainable peace.


Today we are still “Crying for Peace” in Mindanao and in the World and we  continue the mission of prayer proposing, among the other suggestions,  to  use the “HARMONY PRAYER” as part of the initiative of the Harmony  Chain Initiative.   We dream that in the world the twenty-four hour time will be covered by a chain of prayer for peace and we hope that the Harmony Prayer will become part of the many efforts of prayer around the world.


Today the Harmony Chain Initiative and the Harmony Prayer is already spread in many countries.  We have links with those who promised to join us on this initiative from many countries. In the Philippines we have many   who are linked to this initiative and pray the   Harmony Prayer, thanks to many institutions, and schools, Muslims and Christian leaders and government and non-government organizations.

The Harmony prayer is a UNIVERSAL PRAYER.  In this Oasis news we wish to highlight the full support of OPAPP sharing the answer of Secretary Teresita Quintos Deles to the letter of Fr. D’Ambra Sebastiano, the founder of Silsilah. In her letter she emphasized:….. “I would also like to thank you as well for your solidarity in celebrating the National Peace Consciousness Month for the month of September.

Please know that OPAPP still continues to use the Harmony Prayer that the Silsilah Dialogue Movement crafted, such as during our Flag Ceremony and other OPAPP-led events.  It is likewise posted in our website and is also included in some of our publications and collaterals.  OPAPP likewise distributed copies of the prayer to all national government agencies, and are reminded annually to use it in solidarity with peace during the month of September. Rest assured that we will continue to use and promote the Harmony Prayer in all of our future endeavors.”

We are grateful for this renewed support and we are more challenged to continue to promote the “fighting with prayer”.

Indeed, this is the time to   find appropriate solutions for peace in the world and specifically in Mindanao. The alarming news about the ISIS fighters and other “fighters”, even in the Philippines, for sure, alarms us, but we do not have to lose hope. We have to believe that most of the Muslims and Christians, especially in Mindanao, are for peace and all of us have to enter in the spirit of living together in peace.  If we can give this example it will have a great impact, not only for us in Mindanao, but also for the world.  From many countries people and leaders of the world are following the peace process in Mindanao and the new effort of the Bangsamoro. We support this peace effort that still requires a lot of wisdom from those who have the respectability to decide for the future peace in Mindanao and a lot of courage to believe that it is possible to promote the future peace together.  Saying this, we know that there is still fear in many, for different reasons. We hope that, meanwhile, all possible obstacles will be properly overcome. We   reaffirm our effort to promote the Harmony Prayer and we hope that many will internalize the message of this prayer and have the courage and the trust in the power of   prayer.

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