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"Dialogue Starts from God and Brings People back to God"
3rd World Interfaith Harmony Week
His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan conferred the award in a ceremony at the Royal Hashemite Court in Amman, Jordan on April 27.
Let's build a peaceful world for our children
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O Lord, I cry for peace,

Purify my eyes to see peace,

Purify my mind to understand peace,

Purify my heart to love peace,
Purify my memory to work for peace;
The peace that comes from your
love and compassion...

Read the full Harmony Prayer HERE. Harmony Prayer is translated in different foreign languages and local dialects.The prayer is promoted to the world by the Harmony Chain Initiative.
Visit the for more information about this initiative.



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Monday, 30 March 2015 13:45

About Harmony Village


About Harmony Village

A 14 hectares of farm and woodland nestled on a hill in Pitogo, Sinunuc located 10 kilometers from the city proper West Coast of Zamboanga City.

The Village has an abundance of silent places for meditation, a Christian Prayer House, a Muslim Prayer House, Day Care with extension service to the nearby communities, Library, Conference Hall.

Overlooking the West Coast Bay Area, Harmony Village experiences the cool crisp morning air and some of the best views of the southern sunset.



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