School of Dialogue with Creation 2017

  • Since 1984, the Silsilah Dialogue Movement has started to promote the four pillars of the spirituality of life-in-dialogue with GOD, with the SELF, with OTHERS and with CREATION. We believe that this vision of Silsilah helps to build a Culture of Dialogue, Path to Peace in our society among people of different cultures and religions.
  • The Silsilah school of Dialogue with Creation is a new program of the Silsilah Dialogue Institute. It helps us to invite Christians, Muslims and Indigenous People to remind that the crisis and violence in our midst is also related to “the ecological crisis” that requires a “global ecological conversion” (Pope Francis in “Laudato Si’”). Thus, we need to know more what is Dialogue with Creation, the critical status of the earth, “our common house”, and what we can do together to save the earth.
  • Thus, the Silsilah School of Dialogue with Creation is a part of the ongoing effort of Silsilah to care for the earth promoted in many ways by Silsilah, like: the formation program on the Culture of Dialogue, the Friends of Zamboanga Watersheds Movement, the farmers’ formation, the organic farming in Harmony Village, and the initiative of “Plant, Care and Share Program”.
  • The recent Paris Agreement and the alarming signs of climate change in the world and in the Philippines urge us to start this Silsilah School of Dialogue with Creation for leaders of the city from different sectors of society giving special attention to religious, community, youth, student leaders and faculty members.
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