Silsilah and the Dialogue with Creation Partners Movement (DCPM)

Last September 29, 2017, Silsilah launched the Dialogue with Creation Partners Movement as part of the ongoing effort to promote the four pillars of its spirituality of life in dialogue: Dialogue with God, Dialogue with the Self, with Others and with Creation.

The Dialogue with Creation has been always one of the focuses of dialogue in Silsilah giving special attention to “mother earth”. Because of this, Silsilah has a program of formation for organic farming, protection of the watersheds of Zamboanga, Plant, Care and Share program and other related activities. The last one was the Silsilah School of Dialogue with Creation, a program for five weeks. We presented what religions, especially Christianity and Islam, say about creation, the alarming reality of Climate Change, the international, national and local efforts done in this direction, etc. The last day of this Silsilah School on the occasion of the closing and the graduation, Silsilah launched the DCPM to give strength to the different efforts done up to now by Silsilah to invite others to join in this mission. The event was also the occasion to give Certificates of Recognition to three, among the more committed friends of Silsilah who have helped to fight with success against a mining company to enter the area of the Ayala watershed of Zamboanga. They are Atty. Cesar Jimenez, Atty. Laisa Alamia and Mrs. Ofelia Despalo. All of them have done a lot to help Silsilah and are close friends of the Movement.

In giving a special attention to this specific Pillar of Dialogue with Creation Silsilah came up the following.


The Silsilah Dialogue Movement, through the Dialogue with Creation Partners Movement (DCPM) invites partners: individuals, groups, institutions and communities to give a special attention to the spiritual, moral and social obligation to save together “Mother Earth, our common home.”


1. The partners have to “think globally and act locally” inspiring many through sharing of experiences and some agreed forms of advocacies together.

2. The partners have to move in the spirit of freedom and autonomy in this mission but always in the spirit of DCPM.

3. The partners will be encouraged to help each other according to the area of interest, like the advocacy of the Friends of the Zamboanga Watersheds, the Plant, Care and Share Program, the Holistic Health Care, etc.


To give special attention to spiritual, moral and social care for the earth as part of our mission to promote dialogue and peace among cultures and religions for the common good.

The new effort of the DCPM will be extended also to the other Silsilah Forums in Mindanao and Manila areas and it is open to welcome any committed individual, group or institution to be part of this new Movement.

It is our wish to make the DCPM an inspiring avenue for many who are willing to move and educate others in this important aspect of our life starting from a spiritual, moral and social understanding and commitment of dialogue with Creation, an important aspect of Dialogue to save our “Common Home”.

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