Silsilah Holds 30th Kapihan with Fraternities and Sororities for Dialogue and Peace

The Silsilah Peace and Development Services, a program of the Silsilah Dialogue Movement, held last Saturday, August 23, 2014 its 30th Kapihan sa Silsilah at the Sunflower Restaurant with the theme:  Fraternities and Sororities through Dialogue and Peace for a Better Zamboanga.

Objective of the gathering was to convince and help fraternities and sororities to veer away from the practice of violence and torture for which these groups were usually known before and instead become agents of dialogue and peace.

In attendance were officers and representatives of various fraternities and sororities, mainly the Council of the Greeks from the Western Mindanao State University.

Speakers of the gathering were Ms. Janelle A. Ensamtan, President of the WMSU Council of the Greeks, who spoke on the topic of hazing and why new applicants to fraternities and sororities were subjected to it.

The other speaker was Ms. Aminda Saño, President of the Silsilah Dialogue Movement who emphasized the importance of dialogue among fraternities and sororities instead of the use of physical torture and violence to resolve interfraternity disagreements.

In 2003, the Silsilah Dialogue Movement made a study of these realities and came up with a manifesto that continues to be used today as its guideline in its dealings with fraternities and sororities.

The objectives of the Manifesto are as follows:

1. To challenge Fraternities and Sororities to help in the project of Building Back Better Zamboanga.

2. To collaborate with the Council of the Greeks in WMSU to identify the status of Fraternities and Sororities in Zamboanga City.

3. To invite Leaders, who are part of Fraternities and Sororities, to be more open and committed for the common good of society.

4. To challenge Fraternities and Sororities to become more accepted in the society through positive activities.

The speakers were followed by an open forum moderated by Mrs. Violeta C. Magaso, Chief Administrative Officer of the Zamboanga City Medical Center. The gathering broke up before 12 noon.


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