Silsilah’s special Program on Muslim-Christian Dialogue

The Silsilah Dialogue Movement starts this new program to answer the increasing requests and need of information and formation, especially leaders, including religious Muslim and Christian leaders, on the impact of multi-cultural and multi-religious society with many contradictions of a materialistic society without God and of “violent extremism” justified by a wrong perception of God.

The alarming situation of today raises a lot of problems and questions that this new program tries to address with the help of expert resource persons, open forum sessions, immersion, prayer and research.

We will reflect on the past and recent history, on the Muslim and Christian teachings and the need to reaffirm, in the variety of alarming situations, the importance to respect faiths and cultures, and understand the common spiritual aspirations planted in each person by God, to move together for the common good.


Silsilah’s special Program on Muslim-Christian Dialogue

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