Vision and Mission of Silsilah Dialogue Movement


In the name of God, the fountain and source of dialogue, Silsilah envisions a life-in-dialogue for all Muslims, Christians, and peoples of other living faiths in respect, trust and love for one another, and moving together towards a common experience of harmony solidarity and peace.



As instruments of dialogue and peace, we, the members of Silsilah commit ourselves:

  • To live the essence of our respective faiths and bear witness to the values of our own religious traditions;
  • To be in dialogue with all peoples, regardless of culture and faith, promoting a Culture of Dialogue with particular emphasis on spiritual values; and
  • To be in solidarity with all peoples in the uplift of the less privileged, in the building of a progressive, just humane and ecologically sound society.



Recognizing the uniqueness of each religion, people are called to undergo a process of spiritual growth by continuously discovering God’s dialogue with humanity. It is a call to live the spirituality of life-in-dialogue and to witness God’s presence in the plurality of cultures and religions as a habitat and an experience that leads to dialogue and peace.


The logo symbolizes dialogue and peace. It represents a group of people who are joined together although the circles, which represent the heads, are not in the same direction. It is a sign that in the plurality of cultures and religions people have to move together for dialogue and peace.


It is an Arabic word that literally means “chain” or “link”. In the Philippines and other countries the same root word is used to mean “genealogical tree” which implies a spiritual chain of humanity as created by the same God.

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